IP Fundamental

IP Fundamental

IP Fundamentals is the training used to learn most of the existing computer network. This protocol runs the internet, even the local network (LAN). This training can also help to understand the concept of IP layers 1,2 and 3 and understand the application in Telco world.




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Biggest advantage joining IP Fundamental :

  1. Prepare to be global project manager
  2. Get better job both in local and overseas
  3. Get new opportunity and hands-on project
  4. Learn from the Expert & Pass IP Fundamental
  5. Get networking
  6. Join our biggest community

Syllabus in General

  • The basic concept of networking
  • Layer 2 technology
  • Layer 3 technology

  • QoS
  • IPv6 usage in Telco World
  • Case IPv6 Planning in Telco World

Training Facilities

Module Training in Hardcopy 
 Supporting Document in Softcopy 
Training Kit
Lunch and 2x Coffee Break 
Certificate training
 Internet Access 
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2 Million Rupiah (Early Bird* H-5)


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Depok Training Center

Schedule IP Fundamental :


  • 24-25 January 2018

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