Internet of Things (IOT) Training

Internet of Things (IOT) Training

In today’s increasingly developing world our daily lives cannot be separated from the world of technology, especially information technology. The development of the internet and electronic technology makes changes that greatly affect our lives today and also the future. Jargon Industry 4.0 is one example where aspects of technological progress have changed the competitive landscape in the business world.

  The concept of the Internet of Things is an ideal to connect as many electronic devices as possible to the internet network, thus enabling us to increase the intelligence (smart devices) of electronic devices that we have, one of the benefits of connecting devices to the internet is in addition to enabling us to access these devices remotely (remote) and also allows the devices to communicate with each other (machine to machine interconnection). One controller device that is developed in open source and has a significant role in the development of the IoT ecosystem is the Arduino device, in this training the basic concept of IoT will be based on Arduino.




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: Internet of Things (IOT) Training

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Biggest advantage joining pmo training:

  1. Get better job both in local and overseas
  2. Learn from the Expert & Pass IoT
  3. Get networking & new opportunity
  4. Join our Biggest Community

Syllabus in General:

  • IoT background
  • IoT components
  • Fundamentals of sensors and actuato (I / O)

  • Arduino at a glance
  • Arduino programming
  • IoT based business opportunities

Training Facilities

Module Training in Softcopy 
 Supporting Document in Softcopy 
Training Kit
Lunch and 2x Coffee Break 
Certificate training
 Internet Access 
Please bring your own laptop

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